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Make an Impression in 2011 – a CIT’s perspective

Posted by on July 19, 2011

Greetings from the Northwoods!
It is hard to believe that I am halfway though my ninth summer already…it is amazing how camp flies by. I remember being an eight-year-old camper and saying goodbye to my Dad when he dropped me off that first summer. So much has changed from when I was that young. I was always the girl looking up to the CIT’s (counselor-in-training) and wanting to be a cool as they were. Now that I am a second year CIT, I know how it feels to have girls look up to me. I realize the importance of being a good role model; the campers are impressionable and pay attention to everything we say and do.

Being a CIT is so much fun! I go through my everyday actives in addition to being officer of the day and counselor for the day. It is neat to see the activities I took when I was younger compared to now. I get to assist an activity that I think I will want to teach when I am a counselor, which is really nice because I get a feel for what it will be like running my own class. Being officer of the day is also really fun, too. I help out in the office, sort the mail, do cabin inspection, and assist the girls learning how to ski. Another great thing about being a CIT is getting to be in the Coed-Show! That is one of my favorite things about camp. I love putting on a show for the campers because I loved watching the show when I was younger.

At camp everyday is different. Even though we are doing the same activities, something new and exciting happens everyday. Camp has made such an impression on my life. I cannot imagine a summer not coming back to camp. The friends I have made here have been the best friends I have ever had. The girls are all my sisters, and it is so hard saying good-bye to them year after year. Camp is like a second home to me, and it is truly a place where I can be myself and make friends that will last forever.

2nd year CIT