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Memories that Linger from Summer 2023

With the holidays upon us, it is not uncommon to reminisce about memories from previous holiday celebrations. Remember the year we had a tornado warning on Christmas Day? (That’s Nebraska for you – no joke!) Can you believe it is has been 10 yrs since Santa made an appearance at our house? (Thanks, Mom!) What about the time the dog pulled the turkey off the counter when no one was watching?! (Let’s hope that I am not projecting something that will be a new memory!)

In similar fashion at the end of the recent summer, campers shared those things that they will never forget from their weeks spent on County D. Some of the memories were expressed by multiple individuals, while others were unique to the individual. You will notice that some are related to activities (first time trying something or reaching a certain level), while others are centered around a particular special event. Some memories make no sense (ex: Timmy the turtle, puppy parties, mosh pitting) because they are an inside joke to the campers and counselors from a given cabin. Regardless, this is how summer 2023 went down in the books for this year’s group of campers!


Audrey: poor Timmy the turtle, finding out that Clara is Eleanor’s sister, and taking my first swimming lesson; Amelia: Alien Invasion, my first year cabin name, my counselors and CIT’s; Evie: kneeboarding for the 1st time, when I accidentally trotted, making new friends in my cabin; Jaclyn: Gold Rush, taking the goats on a walk, going on the banana boat & tubing; Eleanor: Timmy the turtle, the aqua tramp, cha cha dance we did in drama; JoJo: Oli’s fidget from the TP Fair, Camp Birthday, almost getting mine and Oli’s Crocs stuck in a tree; Luci: aqua tramp, TP Fair, Gold Rush; Georgia: Timmy the turtle, meeting everybody, Camp Birthday; Fiona: trotting and playing tennis for the first time, aqua tramp; Oli: Song Contest, poor Timmy the turtle, and Gold Rush

Silver Birch

Alice: lemon water, the bunnies, Ava: cat vs avocado; Elyse: learning to ride a horse, knee boarding, CIT games; Clara: learning side stroke, going out of the wake, and learning how to trot; Masyn: my counselors, my friends, my bed; Lia: winning Song Contest and Olympics; Mojo: lemon water, trotting on Tabasco, and Camila & Kenzie teaching level 5 in swimming; Roberta: my friends, my cabin, campfire; Ana Roberta: passing levels and having a nickname; Maya (CIT): passing my expert in riflery, first Co-Ed Show practice, and all the Co-Ed Show rehearsals


Eloise: trying sailing and tennis, seeing my aunt; Maggie: getting 2 bullseyes, meeting cabinmates, and Ratatouille; Olivia H: our cabin rat, the Doctor (a game), and the CL (camper lounge); Casilda: bus ride to camp, Song Contest, and cheeto disaster; Renata: Ratatouille and losing my Crocs; Camila: Ratatouille, love bench, and activities; Dani (CIT): Co-Ed Show practice, Olympics (“I won”!!) Dragons, and canoe trip with my campers


Hannah: puppy parties, riflery, and making rope; Orla:puppy parties, swimming mornings, and archery; Maddie H: learning how to swim, my first time at TP Fair, and passing level 3 in swimming; Amelia: puppy parties, archery, and (kind of) learning to dive; Maddie B: puppy parties and dance parties; Nat (CIT): Co-Ed Show practice, meals with Live-ins, Gold Rush


Julia: reading during rest hour, skiing and tubing with Taylor, and canoe trip at the landing; Regi: cabin nights, inside jokes, and funny moments; Natalia: Karaoke Night, aqua tramp, and cabin canoe trip; Olive: the first cabin night, when someone first said “hi” to me, and riding Tabasco for the first time; Sophia: first cabin night, certain tennis lessons, and sail days; Casi: Karaoke Night, scary story night, and Camper Council; Taylor: Cabin Night #1, “Phase One” jokes, reuniting with my cabin; Tess (CIT): trying all of the “hard” horses, meals with the 2nd year CIT’s, and Co-Ed Show practices (get excited!)


Zoe: late night whispering, clogged toilet, dance party; Alix: Mother Zoe and her 9 ex-husbands; Stella: getting to 40’s in riflery in ONE summer, going to the TP riflery exchange, and Sunnyside Camper Council; Amelia: dance parties, banana boating, and cabin skits/campfire; Phoebe: dancing and doing squats in the pouring rain, mosh pitting to “bad bunny” in the cabin, getting up on waterskies; Clara: mosh pitting to 7 rings, getting a couch, and cantering through the meadow on Seven; Olivia: writing to TP boys, listening to music and dancing in the rain, making new friends, falling off the tube in the middle of the lake; Sydney: mosh pitting with cabin and writing to TP boys; Isabella (CIT): Olympics, Co-Ed Show practices, and Lou & Maya getting their expert in riflery


Vale: first day, 4-week mark in rest, hour, and “touch the fence”; Marion: Cathy’s ice cream, World Cup, and swimming; Lizzie: playing lax with my cabin, going to Cathy’s, late night talks with cabin; Bella: going to Cathy’s, the “duck”, and the goats; Izzy: going to Cathy’s, tubing on cabin night, and cabin nights; Elizabeth: staying up late at the 4-week mark, winning a sail race while skippering, and everyone getting to camp on the bus and saying “hi”; Katherine: staying up till an undisclosed time at the end of 4 weeks, going to Cathy’s with my friends, and all of our cabin inside jokes


Sofia: Mona Lisa, my first time trying knee boarding, and cabin nights; Delia: Co-Ed Show and sailing; Lou: passing my Golden Archer, playing “touch the fence” in tennis, and learning the first Co-Ed Show dance; Lizzy: Co-Ed Show Practice, TP Fair, and Gold Rush; Lizzie: inside jokes, learning how to ski, and passing my advanced canoeing; Kaitlyn: “Do you like kisses”, “Cheese-me”, and Co-Ed Show practice; Lilah: EVERYTHING!

As we get ready to turn the page from one calendar year to another, the lyrics from the song, “Witchcraft,” come to mind: “Memories that linger, constant and true…memories we cherish, Camp Woodland, of you.”


The great thing about a new summer is the chance to create new memories! Now is a GREAT time to enroll your camper/s for 2024 and reserve your spot/s. Sign up HERE: