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OD blog June, 28

Posted by on July 7, 2009

Dear OD log:

So, today was my first ever day as OD (woo!) It was actually pretty fun. Since it was Sunday, I thought I’d get to sleep in a little, but nope. Up bright and early to to ring the bell and wake up the hostess, which happened to be me. Then, I headed to the kitchen to complete hostess duties. Assembly went smoothly –congrats to camper of the day, Kelly Jordan. I did some office chores, but there was no mail. A new camper arrived today, so we sang to her. Back to the kitchen, which was followed by an exciting game of clue led by us (the C.I.T.s) What is a peewee herman doll anyway? The campfire was a hoot, I always enjoy ding the wave. Overall, the day was a success, and I’m looking forward to next time.                                             
             Peace and Love, Joanna Banana