Camp Woodland Blog

Spirit Horses!

We have a great time in first hour riding, which is the most advanced riding class. Last week Suzanne and I, along with all of the girls in 1st hour, created a new activity we call spirit horses. It all started when we realized how Daphne B’s personality matches perfectly with one of the horses in the Woodland Barn, Rashad. All of us soon started naming off our “spirit horses.” By the end of the day we had all chosen horses that we felt connected to and also who had similar personalities as us. We decided that the next day we would emulate our horses by dressing in the style of each of their personalities. Each of us then took turns having a photo shoot with our horses. All of us had such a blast doing this silly activity and we even have a poster of our photos up in the barn!

Daphne-Rashad-fun, tall, energetic

Grace W.- Yeller-spunky, blonde, energetic, unicorns in a past life

Racquel- Birdie-outgoing, dark hair

Suze- Spud-athletic, funny, intense, entertaining, high energy, spunky

Chelsea T- Henry-polite, proper, brunette, nice, professional, athletic

Elena K.-Image- model, great dark hair, luxurious

Katelyn M. -Jake-similar facial features, go with the flow, same eyes

Sam M-Catdancer-light hair, short, calm, laid back

Sofia D.- Grey-sweet, young, pretty, lucky, funny, flexible


~Grace White