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Tennis World Cup Results!

To wrap up Week 5, the Tennis counselors wanted to share their big tournament of the summer:


We had 2 very intense at the Tennis Courts. All the girls worked very hard to perfect their swing in order to participate in the perstigous tournament, “Woodland Tennis World Cup”. Each class was divided into 2 teams.  They got to choose which country they wanted to represent and even their team colors to wear.  Also, they used their amazing creativity and made up a cheer, flag, and a mascot.  In first hour we had Barbara and Anna playing for Mexico against Aubrey and Kelly playing for Poland. Both teams did an amazing job considering that it was the first match for some of the girls.  In the end Mexico won!


For second hour, we had Andrea and Irene who chose England against Ally and Sofia S. who chose Greece. Both teams did great at playing but what we liked the most is how original their mascots were.  Greece was “Greece Lightning” because of how fast they were and England was a beautiful butterfly. In the end Greece was victorious!


Third period, our most advanced class, the girls showed off their killer swings and competed like true professionals. The first team was Siberia with Ana DLF, Arantxa, and Kelly.  The other team was Hungary with Sofia DLF and Regina P. After a very intense competition the girls from Siberia won!


In 4th period we had some very creative cheers.  It was amazing to see Elena, Lorenza, and Eden make a cheer for Eygpt.  Also, Cayley and Caroline make a cheer for Wales. In the end, Wales won the competition.

For our last period, we had a very exciting match!  The girls got super excited and gave all they had. Regina V and Daphne played for Canada, and Jackie and Ana Marta played for the Congo. The Congo won in the end!

It was great to see all the girls compete and give their best! We sure had a lot of fun and can’t wait for the 2014 World Cup! Also, special thanks to Regina V for making all the “Tournament Cups”.