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The sixth week of Camp!

DSC08134It’s that time of the summer again… the sixth week of camp. It is a bittersweet time to be sure; it’s jam-packed with fun, but at the end of it, we know we’ll have to say goodbye. But while we dread those final hugs after Sunday breakfast and we put off packing for as long as possible, the six days before we leave are some of the absolute best at camp. What are the things that make it so great? Where can we even begin?!


  • We open the week with Woodland Fair, which is one of the most highly anticipated and enjoyed events of the summer.
  • Tuesday it is Spoon Assassins, which is one of the most terrifying and exhilarating three days of camp.
  • Wednesday  is closing campfire. In my opinion the best campfire of the summer!
  • On Thursday the good times roll on when we head over to Towering Pines in the evening for co-ed show; the CITs get to show off their hard work, the campers get to watch an amazing show, and everyone gets to tear up during slide show.
  • Friday – can it be?! – it’s time already for banquet! We get dolled up, we get awards… It’s a high point of the summer, and it’s right on the doorstep of parents’ weekend and all of our shows.

IMG_6737Even with all of the fun things packed into the sixth week, it’s tough to compete with the amazing feeling of Show Day on Saturday. We’ve worked all summer to prepare for it; we’ve stretched a million splits, practiced a million knots, poured a million piles of glitter, shot a million targets, groomed a million horses. We’ve put in so much effort in throughout the past six weeks, and the chance to show it off to our friends and family is one of the best moments of the summer. The sixth week might end with tears and farewells, but before we get there, you couldn’t imagine a happier or more excited group of campers.

Special thanks to Athena for writing this awesome blog!