Camp Woodland Blog

Traveling for the holidays? Don’t forget to….

1) Pack something with the Woodland logo

(t-shirt, water bottle, Crazy Creek, etc),

2) Have someone take your picture in a FUN location with you

WEARING, HOLDING, or USING the camp item (with logo visible), and

3) Email us your photo so that it can be entered into the WEAR IN THE WORLD?” CONTEST

photos will be posted on Pinterest (and Instagram…coming soon!)

(winner to be announced at camp THIS summer — prize will be awarded!)


Hanna (Woodland sweatshirt) visits the Statue of Liberty (Parker in green)


Andrea (Woodland jacket) is standing near the Angel of Independence in Mexico (Sofia in white)


Colette (Woodland sweatshirt) is on vacation at Disney World (with “Minnie” friends Chelsea and Elena)

Eiffel Tower

Ali (Woodland sweatshirt) tours the Eiffel Tower (Claire)

Staying at home for the holidays?  Find a cool spot in your hometown and take a picture!


JoAnne, Lee, and Kim are in front of wall art at a Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers in Lee’s neighborhood in VA