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Up-cycling At Camp Woodland!


This summer we are daring to explore by trying some “greener” projects in arts & crafts, zoo, and during evening activity! Everyone has heard of recycling, but have you heard of up-cycling? It is the idea of reusing something that is already used or has lost its value and to create something new with greater quality and value!

Dare to Explore Craft

Dare to Explore Craft

Now here is where you come in: in order to do all the projects and provide the materials for all of our campers, we need you to help by donating any of the items listed below! Some of the items may be things you frequently throw in the trash, and others may be sitting in your storage closet for some project you will do “one day” – any little bit helps!

  • Colored (or clear!) glass bottles
  • Old vases
  • Newspapers
  • Old magazines – from glamour magazines, to niche market floral or travel magazines, anything will do!
  • Colorful old t-shirts – to make infinity scarves or t-shirt bags
  • Retired scrapbooking equipment – like paper cutters, shape cutters (hearts or circles), stencils, and any extra scrapbook paper!
  • Milk and juice twist tops – also from plastic water bottles and other beverages, any color and any size will do!
  • Wine corks – to make super cool cork boards and jewelry hanging boards!
  • Buttons – we can use any shape, size, or color.
  • Old Atlases or Map books
  • Ribbons
  • Soda tabs
  • Empty Shoe Boxes

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If there are any other materials laying around your house that you haven’t used in a while, but can visualize it being useful for a project, then feel free to let us know and I’m sure we could create something with it – we are a very crafty bunch over here at  Camp Woodland! Open up a big bag now and put it in your kitchen, your garage, or even next to your front door and see how much you can fill it up before leaving for camp! Thanks in advance for all your donations and recycled materials!

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