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Update #1

Posted by on July 4, 2009

Well, it’s been chilly for the first few days at Camp Woodland, but warmer weather is around the corner! Tomorrow should be sunny and the temperature in the low 70’s.

Speaking of “Letting your Sun Shine”, the campers learned all about this year’s theme during the counselor Inspiration Hour this Sunday. Songs, skits, and stories about inner beauty and trying new things were performed by the counselors for the campers during this Hour. 

            And on Monday, the first session of activities commenced! My swimming lesson classes painted watercolor pictures of the waterfront. We later judged the best paintings based on creativity and the winners included (but were not limited to) Jackie J., Hillary Y., Katrina P., Chelsea T., and Carolyn T. The winners scored double canteen coupons that they could use for an additional candy or soda during recreational swim. By tomorrow we hope to be in the water practicing our strokes!

            This week, we have spent our Evening Activity time either in our cabin groups or at special activities. Some girls sang songs around the campfire with Katie and her guitar. Others danced to the workout video Zumba, and the rest of the girls either played card games, kickball, or volleyball. Now, I can already tell you about the new game sweeping across camp—Pounce! (some people may now it as Nertz) It’s a partner game, each has a full deck of cards between them. It’s a high energy mixture of Skip-Bo and Solitaire and it’s completely addicting! I could not help but share this game with the girls because I was positive they would love it as much as I do.

            The girls have been eager to reconnect with friends they haven’t seen since last summer and mingle with the new girls as well. My cabin, Sunrise, has six 10 year-olds with four returning campers and two girls new to Woodland. It’s great to watch them as they adapt to camp traditions like learning the songs, reciting skits, and having their first Bug Juice moustache!