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Update #3

Posted by on July 10, 2009
   Well, another week has come and gone in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin! We have been blessed with sunny skies and, consequently, swimming lessons– yay! Though this was perhaps not the same reaction we received from the campers… But as we slide into the daily routine, camp life is really falling into place. The girls are bursting out of their shells and ready to explore their surroundings! 

         At the campfire this week, we met Edna the goat and Lu & Vi the traveling musicians played by Lucy and Vicky. The little girls of Silverbirch put on a skit about Goldilocks and the Three Bears—complete with face paint and pillow-stuffed bellies! The girls sang a lot of Taylor Swift songs and we belted out some Michael Jackson tunes as well. We also heard some very funny jokes. My favorite was a Camp Woodland Original made up by none other than our maintenance man Chet. It goes, “How many Woodland girls does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three. One to ask JoAnne, one to hold the ladder, and one to sing the Woodland song.” Hahaha!

         We’ve been eating really well this summer thanks to our new cook (Mary) and kitchen staff (Teresa, Dan, Erica, & Laura). So far, Mary has made some awesome dishes like English muffin breakfast sandwiches, Jambalaya, and the camp favorite: Taco bar! And thanks to our “No thank-you” helpings, everyone gets to try all the foods everyday! WooHoo!

         At the end of this week many of the girls will be showing off their acting, dance, and gymnastic skills. Saturday night is our first of three Show Nights this summer. Dance class has been learning to groove to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, Gymnastics has been practicing their bar, balance beam, and floor routines, and Drama is rehearsing for their play, “The Lion who lost his Roar.” Break a leg everyone!

         As for last week’s 4th of July campfire, everything went off without a hitch. We enjoyed the boy’s silly imaginary tug-of-war, their Sandhill Crane impressions, and their “TP Titan” & “TP Terror” hosts. The Woodland girls then showed off their lovely singing voices with Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”, and Sunrise’s song about Romeo and Juliet. And how could we forget about Woodland’s very own hosts Doreen and Marla! They took the stage along with the TP Titan and Terror to get both camps cracking up hysterically laughing with their jokes about bison, and bits about living up in the north woods.

         All in all, it has been a wonderful first two weeks at camp and we’re just getting started! There’s a lot more to come!

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Your Woodland correspondent