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You Know You Love Camp When…(Silver Birch)


SB1   Silver Birch Clown Contest Entry at Woodland Fair

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You make new friends.
  • You laugh and have fun together.
  • You go home and can’t stop talking about it.
  • People don’t understand that it is a “camp thing”.
  • You get to ride Big Red.
  • You are shooting arrows in archery.


Silver Birch Overnight

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You are telling camp stories at home.
  • You go home and look at all of the photos online and think of all of the memories.
  • You don’t know what to do when you are at home and are bored.
  • You play with the goats at Farm Zoo.
  • You are eating Dan’s homemade food (especially Oreo Cookie pie)!


Silver Birch on July 4th at Towering Pines