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Happy Halloween from Silver Birch!


Best Moments from Silver Birch:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Lizzy: Grace when she put sweatshirt and pants on a broom and was teaching us how to speak to boys.

Maria: Ugly Counselor Contest – it was AWESOME!  Every year I laugh so hard!

Paloma: The Ugly Counselor Contest, Gold Rush, and TP Fair.

Katherine: I will never forget getting to do a group trot in riding – I was super proud of myself!

Ellie: The Ugly Counselor Contest – it was so fun to dress up our counselors!

Alex: Horseback riding, archery, riflery, and Farm Zoo.

Eva: Dropping a bucket of sand and water on one of my counselors.

Tess: Reading at night and laughing our heads off.

Valentina: My friends and all of my activities.

Anika: how much fun we had at meals, the stories we told, and the humor of seeing Grace dress up a broom to look like a boy.


Tell about something adventurous you did this summer:

Lizzy: Going away from home for 6 weeks for my first summer, being able to get on a horse and ride for the first time.

Maria: Riding the Big Banana!

Paloma: I tried riflery.

Katherine: I tried knee-boarding this summer, and I really liked it.  I also tried sailing and looked forward to it every day!

Ellie: Tubing!

Alex: Going on a trail ride.

Eva: Going on two trail rides with my favorite horse, Birdie.  I had never been on a trail ride before!

Tess: I went knee-boarding for the first time!

Valentina: I rode Western and bareback in riding.

Anika: I went on my first canoe trip, and I went to the bog which was awesome!


Describe an achievement for which you are most proud:

Lizzy: Going to camp and not being afraid to try new things that I thought I could never do.  I persevered and did them!

Maria: Passing out of level 4 in swimming lessons.

Paloma: I passed to level 5 in swimming.

Katherine: I canoed across the lake in half an hour and learned how to make a fire.

Ellie: Being a more advanced class in riding.

Alex: Passing levels in archery.

Eva: Getting a really good score in archery – I got more than one qualifier that day!

Tess: I went from never being on a horse to trotting on my own.

Valentina: I passed by black yoeman in archery.

Anika: I am proud that I passed out of swim lessons, and I progressed to shooting at 20 yards in archery.


The thing I learned most about myself:

Lizzy: That I love horses and want to ride when I get home, and it is OK to be yourself!

Maria: I can do more things than I think.

Paloma: I like riding.

Katherine: I love people and that I should just be myself and not be afraid of new challenges.

Ellie: I can unleash my crazy side!

Alex: I had a lot of fun this summer!

Eva: People can appreciate me when I am myself more than when I try to act like somebody else that I am not in order to fit in.

Tess: I can get through things on my own.

Valentina: I don’t need money for everything.

Anika: camp is more fun if you stay for 6 weeks!


Happy Back to School from Hilltop!


I think it is safe to say that by now everyone is “back to school”!  As much as we would like to stretch out summer as much as possible, somehow those lazy days quickly turn to carpools, backpacks, homework, extracurricular activities, and counting the days until camp begins once again!

Throughout the upcoming year, each month will have a blog that is “sponsored” by a different Woodland cabin from the Summer of 2016.  Each camper wrote her “best moments at camp”…here is a little more about Hilltop!

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Parker: When I could finally consistently pick up the right lead in riding.

Cameron: Hilltop canoe trip, while it was terrifying to be woken up in the middle of the night during a heavy thunderstorm, it is hilarious to look back on now.  It was fun in a weird kind of way.

Emilie: Going to the Aqua Tramp and Ugly Counselor Contest.

Stefi: Our canoe trip because I did a lot of new things.

Fer: Our canoe trip…we had the time of our lives!

Jae: The Ugly Counselor Contest because of how funny all the counselors were!  It was fun making our counselors look “ugly” and decide what they had to do.

Molly: Sitting in a soaking wet tent on our canoe trip.


Tell about something adventurous you did this summer:

Parker: I explored Woodland’s Climax Forest during canoeing class, and I learned to canter at riding.  I wakeboarded a lot and swam in the lake.

Cameron: I signed up for riding after hardly doing it for a year and a half.

Emilie: Canoeing across the lake and riding Western at TP.

Stefi: The Ropes Course was a really incredible and awesome thing to do.

Fer: When we started to canter in riding – it was SO FUN!  At first it was really scary, but then I had a super good time.

Jae: Going on our cabin canoe trip and having the tarp blow off and rain come in. Looking back on it now, it was a fun time!

Molly: I went to the Ropes Course, and I walked on a log that was super high off the ground, and I wasn’t scared.  I also did the “human slingshot”, and it was awesome!


Describe an achievement for which you are most proud:

Parker: Passing my beginner in tennis and trying new things.

Cameron: Passing out of swimming lessons after three years of being in levels 5 and 6.

Emilie: Learning how to canter in riding and passing levels in archery and riflery.

Stefi: Being in level 6 for swimming during my first year at camp.

Fer: I improved a lot in tennis; I felt that each time I hit the ball, I got better.

Jae: Passing my black yoeman and bowman in archery.

Molly: I passed my beginner in water-skiing, and I am getting a lot better at it!


The thing I learned most about myself:

Parker: That I could be exploring and adventurous at times.  I learned that I can live on the “wild side” once in awhile.

Cameron: I am horrible at playing games where lying is involved.

Emilie: I love riding horses and to shoot in archery and riflery, and I want to continue these activities at home.  I am proud of learning how to pee in the woods.

Stefi: I am a fast learner and that helped me a lot in all of the activities.

Fer: I can open up to new people easily.

Jae: It is really easy for me to make new friends at camp that I can be myself with.

Molly: I am not afraid of heights, and I can talk to anyone I end up with!