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OD Log en Espanol, Julio 21

Posted by on July 21, 2009

Querido OD Log,

Hoy me despesrte antes que lsa demas para tocar la campana, despues de eso tuve que correr hasta Hilltop, la cabana que curiosamente es la mas alejada (jaja) para despertar a la “Hostess” o anfitriona del dia, la cual era Regina.
Despues de eso volvi a mi cabana a dormir mis ultimos quince minutos, lo cual no fue posible ya que a mi cabana le toca poner las mesas esta semana…a la proxima!
Despues del desayuno vovli a tocar la campana para Assembly, felicidades Tamarak! Fueron la cabana mas limpia de ayer.
Terminando la asamblea, fui a la oficina con Mrs. J para ayudarle con las cartas y bunk-notes…
Eeey, Tori, que tanto le escribiste a Sebastian de Towering Pines eeh? No creas que no me di cuenta…
Despues de mandar las cartas y arreglar los bunk-notes, tome las ordenes de las cabanas…
No Starshine, no necesitan los osos de peluche de Woodland para sobrevivir asi que dejen de pedirlos!!
Al final de la manana tuvimos la comida…y despues de eso REST HOUR!! amo rest hour!! 🙂
al final de Rest Hour Susan me pidio ayuda pcon el Ski Help, bien hecho a todas las que esquiaron!
aunque debo admitir que todo el tiempo que estube en el lago tenia el miedo de que se me pegara uno de esos gusanos extranos…mejos conocidos como las temibles SANGUIJUELAS!!
pero gracias a Dios eso no paso!
Al final del dia tuve mi privilegiada Hour Off!
Bueno, fue divertido
No puedo esperar a la proxima vez..

Update #3

Posted by on July 10, 2009
   Well, another week has come and gone in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin! We have been blessed with sunny skies and, consequently, swimming lessons– yay! Though this was perhaps not the same reaction we received from the campers… But as we slide into the daily routine, camp life is really falling into place. The girls are bursting out of their shells and ready to explore their surroundings! 

         At the campfire this week, we met Edna the goat and Lu & Vi the traveling musicians played by Lucy and Vicky. The little girls of Silverbirch put on a skit about Goldilocks and the Three Bears—complete with face paint and pillow-stuffed bellies! The girls sang a lot of Taylor Swift songs and we belted out some Michael Jackson tunes as well. We also heard some very funny jokes. My favorite was a Camp Woodland Original made up by none other than our maintenance man Chet. It goes, “How many Woodland girls does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three. One to ask JoAnne, one to hold the ladder, and one to sing the Woodland song.” Hahaha!

         We’ve been eating really well this summer thanks to our new cook (Mary) and kitchen staff (Teresa, Dan, Erica, & Laura). So far, Mary has made some awesome dishes like English muffin breakfast sandwiches, Jambalaya, and the camp favorite: Taco bar! And thanks to our “No thank-you” helpings, everyone gets to try all the foods everyday! WooHoo!

         At the end of this week many of the girls will be showing off their acting, dance, and gymnastic skills. Saturday night is our first of three Show Nights this summer. Dance class has been learning to groove to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, Gymnastics has been practicing their bar, balance beam, and floor routines, and Drama is rehearsing for their play, “The Lion who lost his Roar.” Break a leg everyone!

         As for last week’s 4th of July campfire, everything went off without a hitch. We enjoyed the boy’s silly imaginary tug-of-war, their Sandhill Crane impressions, and their “TP Titan” & “TP Terror” hosts. The Woodland girls then showed off their lovely singing voices with Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”, and Sunrise’s song about Romeo and Juliet. And how could we forget about Woodland’s very own hosts Doreen and Marla! They took the stage along with the TP Titan and Terror to get both camps cracking up hysterically laughing with their jokes about bison, and bits about living up in the north woods.

         All in all, it has been a wonderful first two weeks at camp and we’re just getting started! There’s a lot more to come!

         Signing off,


Your Woodland correspondent     

OD blog July, 1

Posted by on July 7, 2009

Dear OD log,

I woke up today, and let me tell you, it was hard. I even forgot to ring the bell, the last thing I heard while I was running to ring was Jaime yelling behind me “Fernanda RUN!”
It wasn’t hard being OD a all. Also, since it was freezing outside, being inside the office felt like a privilege. There weren’t that many letters, so I vacuumed the office. God, was it dirty. A little rock got stuck in the vacuum cleaner and it kept making noises! Afterwards I went to clean the counselor area, which was pretty messy to. 
I didn’t have to get in the water, Thank God! I was so cold I basically begged the girls before rec swim to NOT get in the water. Not that they listened to me. Hmm…
I had my precious hour off, at last! Well, it was fun… can’t wait for the next time
                                          xoxo,  Suarinski

OD blog June, 28

Posted by on July 7, 2009

Dear OD log:

So, today was my first ever day as OD (woo!) It was actually pretty fun. Since it was Sunday, I thought I’d get to sleep in a little, but nope. Up bright and early to to ring the bell and wake up the hostess, which happened to be me. Then, I headed to the kitchen to complete hostess duties. Assembly went smoothly –congrats to camper of the day, Kelly Jordan. I did some office chores, but there was no mail. A new camper arrived today, so we sang to her. Back to the kitchen, which was followed by an exciting game of clue led by us (the C.I.T.s) What is a peewee herman doll anyway? The campfire was a hoot, I always enjoy ding the wave. Overall, the day was a success, and I’m looking forward to next time.                                             
             Peace and Love, Joanna Banana

Update #2

Posted by on July 4, 2009

We’ve had an exciting beginning to this year’s summer in the Northwoods! The girls are anticipating seeing their brothers at Towering Pines this Saturday for the annual TP/CW campfire. We’ll have skits, jokes, and songs around the campfire and follow it up with the “ooh, ahh, wonderful!” firework display. Keep posted, your next update will be coming soon!