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CIT BLOG June 29, 2008

Posted by on July 12, 2008

Dear OD log,
Camp’s started! As OD I wake up at 7:30 to ring the bell and wake up the hostess but lucky me I was hostess. When Breakfast was over and when I was finished with hostess duties it was time for assembly. The whole camp together, fun! After all this excitement it was off to the camp office to do the OD duties such as sorting mail and inspecting the cabins. However, today was a bit different everyone was checking out activity areas while I was told to make activity slips. Soon after I got to go to inspection, good job Silverbirch, Tamarack, and Sunnyside maybe you’ll be clean freaks! Keep cleaning! Every half hour after that I had to go remind the camper of the day to ring the bell, which is always an amazing opportunity. By the way, good job Fiona on camper of the day! During rest hour my cabin (Aquarius) and I had to make some song books for dinner when everyone sings their little hearts out! Well the afternoon passed by quickly and it was time to go to vespers, dinner, and campfire. Before campfire everyone wrote a letter to let their parents know how amazing camp is and I had to collect them but that was the end of my duties. Amanda will have fun sorting that big pile of mail. Being OD and hostess was a blast! I can’t wait for the next time.
Signing off,