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July 15 OD Blog

Posted by on July 19, 2008

Dear OD blog,
Bright and early this morning my sweet dreams were interrupted by Diana so I could ring the bell. I hurried through my OD duties first hour then I went to sailrace at TP. Us girls finally won (yeah Lauren). Apparently the guys didn’t get the memo and showed up here anyways. Great communications skills guys. Ski help was pretty eventful. Corrinne tried skiing for the first time and was sooo close. (You’ll get it next time) then I’m pretty sure all the 5th hour girls wanted to ski to. Oh, and thanks for locking me in the canteen with the giant wolf spider Lindsay! Everyone went crazy for taco bar then we played some super fun field games. Well it’s time to catch some Z’s after my exciting OD day.
Signing off for now,
P.s. – if you drew a rocket ship, watch out.
Tip of the day – don’t touch the bailer bucket