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July 19 OD Blog

Posted by on July 31, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 19, 2008

Wow my second day as being OD was really fun. I woke up and got everyone awake by ringing the bell, my favorite job! I spent my day doing the normal OD jobs and tasks. I went to rec swim to help the girls, congrats Sarah for skiing! YOU GO GIRL! Also congrats to Corinne for knee boarding, woohoo! My hour off was very relaxing as always. I took a shower and got ready for a social. Wow!

Gus Gus
P.S. Remember take care of your hair!

July 18 OD Blog

Posted by on July 31, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 18, 2008
Wow my second OD day! It flew by just as before. I woke up to ring the bell then went to wake the hostess and hoppers. Then my time to CHOW DOWN on some yummy breakfast! Grace White got Camper of the Day, congrats! I got to stop in at the barn to assist my 2nd hour riding class, and MAN did they tire me out while I ran next to them as they trotted. After a very quiet rest hour I had my favorite OD job, ski help! Everyone did a really good job. Canteen was even more delicious today because I got to serve it. Then of course, I spent my hour off at the barn once again. I went on a fantastic trail ride with all th girls, fun! All in all, a very eventful day!

July 17 OD Blog

Posted by on July 31, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 17,2008
Yep, that’s right…it’s me again. Well today was fun. It started off waking up to ring the bell. Then going to breakfast. Yummy!…Cream-O-Wheat (and no Jill I don’t have sugar) Then to assembly and congrats to Paige Harlow for getting camper of the day. At cabin inspections everyone did a good job cleaning. When I was doing the mail I got interrupted by visitors…. My grandma and cousins came so I showed them around and then went back to my OD duties. Then the mail and packages came. Lindsay was very loved because she got so many packages! After lunch was rest hour which was extended due to Woodland dew. Lip sync…. Yeah! Congrats to Starshine for winning. Then came dinner where I got to leave early for the T.P. trail fun!

Signing off for now,

July 16 OD Blog

Posted by on July 19, 2008

Dear OD blog, July 16, 2008
I was having a beautiful dream, when suddenly I felt something staring at my face, it was pretty shocking at first, but then I realized it was Trina. So I went to go ring the bell and wake up Leah. (I have no idea what time she woke up but she wasn’t there. I guess she is a morning person.) Anyway, I went to breakfast and ate a delicious bowl of Captain Crunch and hopped my table. (OD and hopper on the same day, WOW Lucky me) Then it was time for assembly, cabin clean up, congrats to Tamarack and Sunnyside, your cabins are neat! Then I did some work at the office, I sorted mail, and stuff. (I wonder when my package is coming. I need my Woodland wear, dude) then came lunch and rest hour, OH YEAH! I was in the middle of my intense reading when I had to ring the bell, to do some tubing, oh yeah, LUCKY ME! Everything went great, I ate canteen, I ate canteen, and more canteen. Then came my hour off, I took a shower and wrote the blog and I am running outta things to say so bye.
Hasta la Vista
Jajay (a fuente sal chichi)
P.S. – ringing the bell is a PAIN, poor ear!

July 15 OD Blog

Posted by on July 19, 2008

Dear OD blog,
Bright and early this morning my sweet dreams were interrupted by Diana so I could ring the bell. I hurried through my OD duties first hour then I went to sailrace at TP. Us girls finally won (yeah Lauren). Apparently the guys didn’t get the memo and showed up here anyways. Great communications skills guys. Ski help was pretty eventful. Corrinne tried skiing for the first time and was sooo close. (You’ll get it next time) then I’m pretty sure all the 5th hour girls wanted to ski to. Oh, and thanks for locking me in the canteen with the giant wolf spider Lindsay! Everyone went crazy for taco bar then we played some super fun field games. Well it’s time to catch some Z’s after my exciting OD day.
Signing off for now,
P.s. – if you drew a rocket ship, watch out.
Tip of the day – don’t touch the bailer bucket